pH Control & Accessories

Upgrade your Pool Controls products with these purpose-built accessories.

pH Upgrade Kits

When you upgrade your system with a Pool Controls pH upgrade kit, the pH of the pool water is automatically controlled without the need for a probe. Your controller uses an algorithm to calculate how much acid is required to maintain your pool water in the correct pH range and doses acid via a single peristaltic pump. This helps maintain perfect water chemistry and optimises the effectiveness of the sanitiser.

Power Separators

The Pool Controls Power Separator enables a range of devices such as in-floor cleaning systems to be controlled automatically by the Pool Controls controller units. Pool Controls produces a range of different Power Separators suitable for use with the full range of controllers and a wide variety of pool accessories. Pool Controls is happy to advise on the best option to suit your particular application.

Venturi Injectors

Some installations require venturi injectors to increase suction. Pool Controls venturi kits provide everything you require or you can opt for a pre-assembled venturi manifold.