The Ozone XLM introduces the power of Ozone to Pool Controls’ range of innovative mineral water chlorinators.

These systems are designed to be most effective at extra low concentrations of salt or mineral – reducing initial setup and ongoing maintenance costs. Ozone XLM units also integrate pH control and come in a variety of output sizes to suit a wide range of pools – 12g/hr, 18g/hr, 23g/hr and 28g/hr.

The Power of Ozone

The powerful Ozone generator sanitises the water. The Chemigem provides a safe residual of chlorine – optimising water safety and quality.

Pool Controls is proud to introduce a unique combination of ozone generator and precise liquid dosing system.

OZONE XLM with pH A Fully-Integrated System

OZONE XLM with pH  A Fully-Integrated System

The Ozone XLM with pH is an integrated system presented in a single enclosure, minimising the space required for pool equipment and the need to install multiple components. The combination of a powerful corona-discharge ozonator with an extra-low-salt chlorinator plus pH control is truly innovative and original.

The Power of Ozone Combined with Chemigem

The Power of Ozone  Combined with Chemigem

Industry research indicates that ozone reduces chlorine demand by up to 80%, potentially making the Ozone Chemigem the most efficient and effective water management system available today.