Spare Parts

2 year warranty on probes, valves & cells

All genuine Pool Controls spare parts used in domestic applications are now covered by a full 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty cover includes replacement power supplies, multi-electrodes (probes), solenoid valves and electrolytic cells.

Pool Controls takes pride in the reliability and track record of all its products and in addition to the Manufacturer’s Warranty, provides great after-care via our National Service Team and a network of Authorised Technicians.

Importance of Regular Maintenance and Correct Installation

Regular maintenance will ensure you maximise your investment in your swimming pool and your Pool Controls Equipment.

Certain items are “wearing parts” and require regular checking and replacement – particularly the squeeze tubes used in peristaltic pumps, which in domestic installations should be replaced every 6 months. Other tubing should be checked at least annually and replaced if necessary.

All Pool Controls products should be installed by a suitably qualified technician to ensure correct operation and warranty cover.

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